Floppy’s Phonics Training [ Pre-Recorded Webinar ] – 12 month access

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This is a ‘full day whole school training’ presented in the form of 3 x pre-recorded Floppy’s Phonics training sessions. A total of over 5hrs of streamed video featuring the programme author, Debbie Hepplewhite, as she delivers a comprehensive training in the use of the Floppy’s Phonics programme and resources.



Debbie Hepplewhite personally presents her full-day whole school training:

‘Oxford Reading Tree Floppys Phonics (Oxford University Press)

in a set of

Pre-Recorded Video Training Sessions

 ‘Teaching reading and spelling in English as the main or additional language’


‘Two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics’

Debbie specialises in very focused, content-rich phonics provision along with integration and sustained support in the wider curriculum.

Full 24 page course notes are provided in printable pdf format for course participants.

The training is delivered in three main sessions as follows:
Session One:   duration one hour 41 minutes
Session Two:   duration one hour 35 minutes
Session Three:   Video 1 duration one hour 10 minutes and Video 2 duration 53 minutes
The training covers the following content (broad headings provided):

Session One: 

  • Evaluation of the Floppy’s Phonics programme
  • The Year One phonics screening check
  • English has an ‘opaque’ alphabetic code and it is complex to teach
  • Teaching reading well regardless of children’s backgrounds, needs or abilities
  • The need for a change of perception of ‘phonics’ for spelling and reading
  • The Systematic Synthetic Phonics Teaching Principles
  • Model of the three phonics core skills and their sub-skills
  • The Phonics Skills
  • Reflecting on the phonics ‘teaching and learning cycle’; the ‘maths of the phonics’; time considerations; display, delivery and progression

Session Two: 

How Floppy’s Phonics can support effective teaching in phonics – an overview of the resources and guidance:
  • Debbie’s two-pronged approach to synthetic phonics teaching – systematic and incidental
  • Floppy’s Phonics two-session ‘teaching and learning sequence’
  • Catering for differentiation in manageable ways
  • Resources overview
  • The Alphabetic Code Chart makes the code ‘tangible’ for everyone
  • Distinguishing between the alphabetic code and the alphabet
  • The importance of the Phonics Folder for every learner
  • The ‘Phonics Hand Routines’ in detail
  • The sounds of the English language (mainly phoneme level)
  • More about incidental teaching
  • Visual display
  • Skipping words and ‘look-alike reading’ – worrying under the radar reading profiles
Key points underpinning the rationale of the Floppy’s Phonics programme:
  • Where to look for research, information and developments in the field
  • The Five Pillars of Literacy
  • Independent review of the teaching of early reading’ (Sir Jim Rose, 2006)
  • Practical use of the Simple View of Reading diagram (and Writing)
  • The ill-advised multi-cueing reading model
  • Patterns of practice – how does phonics and reading provision typically vary?
  • Multilingual contexts
  • Floppy’s Phonics is picture-rich for oral language – not just ‘phonics’
  • Informing parents
  • Assessment: for placement; formal record keeping; ongoing informal tracking shared with the children (engaging children fully with a sense of their own learning with resources belonging to them)

Session Three:  (Videos 1 and 2)

  • Taking just one sound (phoneme /j/) of the 50 units of sound shown on the Alphabetic Code Chart to illustrate the breadth and depth of content in the Floppy’s Phonics programme
  • Outlining the Floppy’s Phonics ‘teaching and learning sequence’ in practice (session 1 and session 2)


Debbie models and elaborates on the Floppy’s Phonics two discrete sessions of the ‘teaching and learning sequence’ in practice

Some important points to note:
  • You have full access to the pre-recorded sessions for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. After this time, your password will become inactive.
  • The video sessions are ‘streamed’ – not downloaded or delivered in other forms (i.e., DVD). This necessarily requires a stable internet connection and a good broadband speed for the best viewing experience. Should ‘buffering’ be an issue, please read the notes below.
  • The video sessions are intended strictly for your school use only – i.e., access password not to be distributed for ‘home viewing’ amongst staff, or shared with other schools/organisations. We believe our 12 month licensed access to the video sessions gives ample opportunity for staff to view the material as a whole school as many times as is necessary without the need for it to be viewed ‘teacher-by-teacher’ at home. The main reasons for this is a) to protect our copyrighted material and b) to keep the load on our servers to a manageable level. Obviously 30, 40 or 50+ individual ‘viewings’ is a far greater load on the server than a single whole school viewing – even if viewed several times over the period of your 12 month licence. Thank you.