Floppy’s Phonics Online – 12 month subscription

£143.00 plus VAT

Whole-class phonics teaching and individual phonics practice for the whiteboard and tablet

Author Debbie Hepplewhite, Author Roderick Hunt, and Illustrator Alex Brychta

Suitable for:  Teachers of children in Reception/P1 and Year 1/P2 – available only to schools and educational establishments.


Floppy’s Phonics Online offers whole-class phonics teaching and individual phonics practice for the whiteboard and tablet, to accompany the print resources. It includes 150 interactive page spreads with built-in audio and activities.

Note: This product is priced per 12 month subscription and at present is available only to schools and educational establishments – though not currently available in the USA.


  • Whole-class phonics lessons for the interactive whiteboard and individual practice for the tablet to be used as part of the Floppy’s Phonics teaching programme
  • 150 interactive page spreads allow you to teach and revise phonemes and graphemes in a fun and engaging way
  • Training demonstration videos to show the programme in use and support implementation in your school
  • Hundreds of activities enable children to practise and reinforce their reading and writing skills, including GPC recognition, pronunciation and letter formation
  • Book-by-book plans match each print book in the series to its Letters and Sounds aspect and Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, and provide teaching guidance on how to use the resources
  • Replaces the Floppy’s Phonics Sounds and Letters CD-ROMs 9780198486053 and 9780198486060

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